Contact Lens Fittings

Green EyeContact Lenses are now available for almost all prescriptions, even in bifocals, cosmetic colours, and astigmatism. Contact lenses even come in one-day disposables for those who may only want to wear them part-time (sporting or social activities).Because of the many different types of contact lens in the marketplace, the doctor will prescribe the best lenses for your needs.

Contact lenses are prescription only and are considered a medical device. All contact lens patients are required to be fitted by the doctor before purchasing.


A Contact Lens fitting includes:

  1. Contact Lens Prescription.  One’s prescription for contact lenses is quite often different than that for glasses.  (e.g.  –6.00D in glasses maybe only –5.50D in contact lenses).  It may even vary from one brand on contact lens to another.  It is essential to determine the correct contact lens prescription to prevent overcorrection (wearing contacts that are too strong).
  2. Contact Lens Diameter and Curvature.  Different patients will have different eye sizes and curvatures, therefore they must be measured and fitted with lenses of the correct parameters.  Lenses that are too loose on the eyes will lead to discomfort while lenses that are too tight will lead to red eyes and other complications.
  3. Trial pair of contact lenses to ensure the patient is comfortable with the vision and comfort.
  4. One bottle of contact lens solution.
  5. One contact lens case.

Not all contact lenses are the same.  Some are better for dry eyes, while some are better for oxygen transmission.  The doctor will determine the type and material that is best for you.

Purchasing Contact Lenses at Dr. Andrew Leung & Associates:

  • All Soft Contact Lenses purchased at this clinic are guaranteed for fit, vision and comfort for the duration of the supply purchased (e.g. one year guarantee if one year supply purchased, 6 month guarantee if 6 month purchase).
  • Patients are eligible for 2 free contact lens check ups per year (non Dr. Andrew Leung & Associates contact lens patients pay $40 per visit)
  • Unlimited visits in case of contact lens related conditions (otherwise $40 per visit)

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