Contact Lenses – New Patients

Are Contact Lenses for me?

SportsContact lenses are used as a substitute for glasses.  In many cases, they will offer better vision than spectacles because they allow for peripheral vision and better depth perception.  They are especially useful in sporting activities (e.g. basketball, skiing, hockey, tennis) where glasses may be a hindrance to performance. Contacts also come in cosmetic colours and are available for people with astigmatism and bifocals.

Contact Lenses are prescription-only, and is considered a medical device.  Because the lens sits on the cornea tissue of the eye, it must be fitted and sized properly to avoid possible complications and infections.  Federal law prohibits the sale of contact lenses without a prescription.


How do I get fitted for Contact Lenses?

First of all, the doctor will check your eyes and eye health to ensure that you are a good candidate.  Then the doctor will measure your eyes and also teach you how to insert/remove lenses, and how to take care of them.  You will go home with a fitting pair to try for about a week.  After a week, a follow up appointment will allow the doctor to assess and in some cases fine tune the prescription and fitting of the lens.